13 May 2011

Tailoring on Saville Row

Here's an image that I've just done for the Sunday Times magazine, about contemporary tailoring on Saville Row. Have a look at some other editorial illustrations I've done lately if the mood takes you.

Riot Act

Turner Contemporary, Margate

Went to the new Turner Contemporary at Margate. The galleries were beautiful and the opening show, 'Revealed' was good too. Great to have a gallery like this down in the tip of Kent. My favourites in 'Revealed' were Douglas Gordon, Russell Crotty and Ellen Harvey who had this work, 'Arcadia' in the show.

11 May 2011

Gold Throne

At the American Folk Museum in New York I saw this strange chair made from chicken bones. There was so much that was memorable on my trip, but this little chair has really stayed with me. Creepy and pretty - quite a combination!

10 May 2011

Posters and postcards for the V&A

The V&A have asked me to do publicity for them using their collection as raw material. The job is right up my street and it has been really amazing to have the collection at my fingertips. I'll be working on new things for them till the end of the year, so will keep you posted.

Indie Rock Reunites on the English Coast

I've jut got my copy of Harpers Magazine. I illustrated a piece by David Samuels - 'Under Achievers Please Try Harder: Indie Rock Reunites on the English Coast' about the 'All Tomorrow's Parties Festival at Butlin's, Devon. "Seabirds aside, the landscape here is pretty much what I expected - an outward representation of the inner lives of sensitive souls who prefer the emotional peaks and valleys of adolescence to the more refined disappointments of adulthood." Harpers is a really interesting magazine based in New York, full of pics, commentary and stories.

The Meowmorphosis launches!

I have done the inside illustrations for a new mash-up novel published by Quirk Books, titled 'The Meowmorphosis' written by Coleridge Cook which is out tomorrow. The rest of the illustrations are on my website for those interested here >

Have a look at this trailer that Quirk Books have produced. I wish the illustrations were as good! Makes me want to get on with my ideas for animation.