27 Oct 2011

Grayson Perry: Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Grayson Perry curates an installation of his new works alongside objects made by unknown men and women throughout history from the British Museum’s collection. Alan Measles, Perry's childhood teddy is the star at the centre of the show - appearing in different guises and in different time periods. Really enjoyed this show - wasn't sure I was going to, but came away really feeling like I'd seen the collection in new ways and loved Grayson's subtle humour. The craftsmanship throughout is staggering - Grayson's work as well as the work by 'unknown' hands.  British Museum blog

22 Oct 2011

The Guardian: Police Undercover by Marina Hynde

Illustration for The Guardian's 'Comment & Debate' (Sat 22 October 2011). The article, by Marina Hyde is titled 'The great Met movie will be less Keanu, more Keystone. It is about how some Metroplitan police officers have concealed their identity when giving false evidence in criminal prosecutions as part of 'policing strategy'. Full article here.

19 Oct 2011

Infinitas Gracias: Mexican miracle paintings

Went to see Infinitas Gracias at the Wellcome Foundation. This is an exhibition of Votive paintings from mining communities in Mexico, some going back to the turn of the century. As well as the paintings there are photos, artefacts, films and interviews - with some really moving prayers and hopes & wishes for future life. Also on at the Wellcome alongside is an exhibition by Felicity Powell titled Charmed Life. This is so worth a trip too. She has selected charms - a sheep's heart, amulets, carved shoes, mounted teeth - from Edward Lovett's massive collection and also made Sleight of Hand - a strange animated film of carving and smudging miniatures in wax. Below is a votive from Infinitas Gracias:  I thank our Lord Saint Francis of Assisi for saving us from drowning on 27 October 1962. 

14 Oct 2011

V&A Postmodernism Poster

I designed this poster for the V&A's new exhibition, 'Postmodernism: Style & Subversion 1970-1990' to go out to secondary schools around and about. An interesting show - focuses on the eclectic 'look' of the times through objects and images.

7 Oct 2011

Surreal Google Street View

Stumbled across a great blog - 'The Nine Eyes of Google Street View' that shows frames from Google Street View searched and selected by Jon Rafman that have been captured by the detached gaze of the cameras of Google cars. I quite like these two images together. So many stories here, some you don't even want to know about!

3 Oct 2011

The Rise & Progress of Superstition

This image is from a series of collages originally shown as part of my exhibition, ‘The Rise and Progress of Superstition’.This series of 'portraits' combines Dutch old masters and modernist classics. More from the series here.