13 Jun 2014

Illustrations for 'Hardanger' by Alison Moore

Illustrations for 'Hardanger', a short story by Alison Moore, published by Illustrated London News in AM Magazine. The narrative is a contemporary re-casting of a Norwegian folk story. 'But later, when they were back at the cabin and they looked at the photos, there were only the mountains, the hard, dark lines of two imposing mountains with a V of sky between them, and in the foreground, where the four of them ought to have been, there was nothing but the Hardangerfjord. Alison Moore’s novel, The Lighthouse, was shortlisted for the 2012 Man Booker Prize.

'The Second Doctor Service' By Daniel Mason

I recently illustrated a short story by Daniel Mason titled 'The Second Doctor Service' - mysterious and superbly crafted for Harper's Magazine in New York. (One of my all time favourire literary magazines).

Set in Edwardian Boston, the story plays with ideas of time slippage and 'the doppelganger': 'Or was he I, divided? A cutting? Which, cleaved from the stock, goes on to send forth its own roots? Or the corybantic twitching of a severed lizards tail, which eventually grows still? Were my memories his? What happens, Sirs, to the soul of the sea cucumber, when the sea cucumber is cut in two?' Daniel Mason is the author of The Piano Tuner (2002) and A Far Country (2007).

4 Jun 2014

More Than Honey: V&A Awards 2014

Chuffed to have been shortlisted for the V&A Illustration Awards 2014. with this image. Numerous colonies of bees have been decimated throughout the world - described as 'colony collapse disorder'. It is argued that this is attributed to aspects of highly industrialised and mechanised practises of bee management. Domesticated bees are sick and dying. Only killer bees are thriving and scientists believe that by cross-breeding they could be used to bolster  the immune systems of the sickening Western Honey Bee.

2 Jun 2014

The Poetry Society 2014

Just finished working with The Poetry Society on new imagery for 2014. Judges for the 2014 National Poetry Competition are Roddy Lumsden, Glyn Maxwell and ZoĆ« Skoulding.  Enter here Last year there was an 'NPC on tour' around the world (vitual and actual). My image travelled to the Berlin Wall, the Statue of Liberty, and was taken by, among others, John Hegley, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lord Lucan (?!) Here's a link to those images.