18 Jun 2011

The Lady from Ghent

Had this unusual gift from Ghent from my sister. The middle part is a ceramic photo, the frame seems 'home-made'. Who is she? What was the function of this object? Any ideas?

13 Jun 2011

Finalist in 'The Outsider' Competition!

I'm really chuffed that I'm a finalist in ‘Getting Inside The Outsider’ - The House of Illustration and The Folio Society’s Inaugural Book Illustration Competition. I've been selected along with Chungwoon Choi, Georgina Hounsome, Anne-Marie Jones, Joseph Melhuish and Alenka Sottler. More about the shortlisted illustrators here. The winner will be announced at an awards do on July 4th at a gallery in Cork Street. Will post more details soon!

7 Jun 2011

Google Thinks...

I worked on some images for 'Think Quarterly' a new publication by Google that looks at developments in communications. The images weren't used in the end, but there we go...  I was quite pleased with this one anyway.

Proffessor Hickmann's Universal-Atlas 1921

I found a copy of Proffessor Hickmann's Universal-Atlas in Rochester. There are some really great maps as well as some superb statistical drawings like this one. Much better than pie-charts!