14 Jun 2012

Le Rock 'Satanique'

The French magazine, Courier International are re-using an image I titled  'Little Red Riding Hoodie' I originally made for the Guardian about the mythologizing, stereotyping and demonisation of youth as 'chavs'. The image is now accompanying an article about satanic rock (as far as I can make out!). 


  1. I went to an exhibition of yours in Brecon a few years ago. I really liked it. At the time I was a mature student at Aberystwyth art college. They have an interesting print department run by Paul Croft it has wonderful old processes and Paul has written a book about lithography. You should try and get over there to meet him. They would love you there, perhaps an exhibition in their space at the college. The college , if you don't know it is in a beautiful building, once the science faculty. Do have a google. There are alsorts of venues in Aber for exhibitions, also the museum, an old cinema.
    Anyway I now live in France and paint, blog garden and brocante. It's great be able to check your blog. The cover on Living to tell the Tale by Gabriel Garcia Marquez by you is startling, I had only just realised you were the illustrator.
    look forward to future posts.