24 Jul 2014

Varoom Magazine Issue 26 - 'Style'

Pleased to have my work on and in the latest issue of 'Varoom', edited by John O'Reilly, which unpicks that thorny word 'style'.  I am included in an article by by Adrian Holme,  'The Contradictions of Style' using work I produced for the V&A to illustrate his argument. Here's an excerpt:

'The conscious play with style (...)  has a long history, and is apparent in, for example, Mannerism, Rococo, Art Nouveau. It is a hall mark of Post-Modernism of course (think of Memphis furniture design). However, playing with style in no way escapes style.  A collage such as Matthew Richardson’s produced for the V&A, reveals some of the complexities and contradictions of style. His work skilfully appropriates source materials (each with a specific and identifiable origin), in order to build something new to effectively communicate an idea. Richardson himself explains  that he is interested in a utilitarian use and play of images as ‘signs’ and does not set out to create ‘style’ per se.'

Link to my webpage with images for V&A 
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